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Rotators Collective is a small independent game development studio headquartered in Germany. Officially established in late 2021, our origins trace back to 2009 when a select group of like-minded spirits from across Europe came together with a shared passion for gaming.

With over 15 years of experience in making both smaller and larger modifications for a wide variety of games (some of which have even become highly popular downloads!), it was time to embark on a new adventure.

In 2021, we released Western Sahara under Bohemia Interactive's Arma 3 Creator DLC brand, and due to its success and the overwhelmingly positive reception, we were able to follow it up with the extensive Alchemist content update in 2022.

Our mission is simple: Do whatever is fun! If we don't even want to play our games because they aren't any fun, how could we expect someone else to?

As we look ahead, the future holds endless possibilities. Our journey is far from over!

Thank you for your time. Any more questions?
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